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      A Buying Guide to Thermal paintball masks

      A Buying Guide to Thermal paintball masks | KNAMAO

      Newbies to the paintball field usually begin with rental equipment because most beginners are probably are just trying to see how the game is played and are not sure whether they will pursue shooting paintballs on the long term.

      If you are an experienced paintballer who enjoys playing the game, however, buying gear that helps keep your ears, nose, and mouth safe should feature on your to do list. Having personal protective gear allows you get the right fit for your head every time you go out on the field unlike rental equipment where you might not always get the right fit and have to compromise by making do with whatever gear is available at the time.

      In the section below, we discuss what paintballing enthusiasts should consider before they buy a thermal paintball mask and what features make some masks better than others when used for protection during a paintballing game. We have also nominated one thermal paintball mask that we think would be perfect for both beginners and experienced paintballers.

      A general look at paintball masks

      Paintball masks are worn over the face to cover the eyes, nose, and mouth, thereby preventing paintballs that hit the facial area and the head of a paintballer from blasting and spilling paint on the delicate parts of the paintballer's face.

      The interior of the thermal paintball mask has padded material that further protects the wearer from the impact resulting from the high velocity paintballs landing on the face when wearing the mask. The exterior of the thermal paintball mask is made of tough material that can withstand the impact of paintballs without breaking or cracking. Some masks are made of semi rigid plastic that has elastic capabilities to ensure that the paintballs that land on it bounce instead of breaking when they hit the surface.

      The mouth cover on a paintball mask features breathable design that allows air to flow in and out of the mask. Without this feature, the enclosed interior can get hot when the person wearing the mask breathes in and out with the mask over his face. The breathable design also allows the paintballer to communicate effectively with teammates, which is important when a team is coordinating an attack or a defense from a rival team's aggressive assault.

      The mask also has protective covering that fits over the eyes, which comes in form of goggles that are made of antiglare material. Popular materials that make up most goggles are Lexan or other polycarbonates due to their anti-scratch and anti-shatter properties. The goggles also have optional variations of single lenses or double lenses. Single lens goggles are easy to maintain and care for but are prone to fogging.

      Double-lensed goggles, which are also known as thermal lenses, comprise two lenses that are tightly glued together using a rubber gasket or airtight form. This structure enables them to resist fogging but the downside is that they are harder to clean and maintain. Cleaning a thermal paintball mask should be done using microfiber cloths that are friendly on the delicate surface of the interior lens. Submerging the goggles in water should also be avoided because the droplets that get in between the two lenses can cause permeant steaming of the goggles.

      SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask Paintball Mask with Dye I4 Thermal Lens

      The market is flooded with thermal paintball masks that you can buy when looking to add to your personal collection of paint balling gear. Beginner paintballers, however, could have a hard time picking a thermal paintball mask when presented with the many options available in the market. If you have been wondering how to narrow down your search for a paintball mask, worry no more!

      This is because we have looked through the thermal paintball mask market and done comprehensive comparisons between the masks that are available. From our search, we found a thermal paintball mask that meets the needs of both beginner and experienced paintballers.

      The SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask Paintball Mask with Dye I4 Thermal Lens comes in optional color variations and detachable goggles that are easy to clean and maintain. This mean looking mask will have your opponent shaken just by its mean appearance that oozes aggressiveness.

      The mask is made of lightweight semi grid plastic that protects the wearer from high projectiles in the paintball field. Weighing at only 340 grams, wearing this thermal paintball mask allows you to extend your paintball shooting sessions without pauses to catch your breath due to fatigue that is common when donning heavier masks. Additionally, the mask fits across multiple head sizes, thus making it suitable for both young and adult paintballers. Below is a deeper look into the features of this mask that made us rate it top among the many thermal paintball masks that we found on the market.

      Color options

      The SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask come in color variations of olive, black, yellow, or brown, which is more than enough choice for all genders and ages. Having color options allows paintballers who purchase this thermal paintball mask to match their masks with their guns and gear. Paintballers can also pick colors that blend with the paintballing field and camouflage themselves by having inconspicuous thermal paintball masks. Having similar colored thermal paintball masks for each team member also enables quick identification of a paintballer in the shooting field, which reduces cases of accidental friendly fire among members of the same team.

      Lenses with matching color options

      Lenses for the SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask are available in color options of clear, yellow, dark blue, or gold. These colors compliment the available colors of the thermal paintball masks, which mean that players can choose to match the lenses with the mask or pick contrasting colors of the lens and mask's exterior. Furthermore, choices of color on the lenses help boost the antiglare properties of the lens. This enables you to look directly at bright light sources without damaging your eyes or forcing you to strain them, something that could affect your shooting accuracy.

      Durable Dual lenses with antifog performance

      The spherical surface of the lenses is coated with an anti-scratch material that allow the thermal paintball mask to shield your eyes. It also allows you to maintain a clear line of vision whenever you are wearing this thermal paintball mask. The curved nature allows the lenses to withstand impact from high velocity projectiles including paintballs without cracking or shattering. The lenses also feature double-layer structure that resists fogging even in hot and humid conditions.

      Easy to maintain lenses clean up quick. With just a quick wipe with a soft cloth, the player can easily restore vision in seconds when hit with a paintball directly in the face and get back to shooting at opponents.


      This thermal paintball mask has been made with lightweight and sturdy plastic that withstands impact from projectiles and hard-hitting objects. The shape allows it to fit firmly over most regular sized heads, thus making it suitable for paintballers of all ages. The lightweight nature of this thermal paintball mask further enables the user to have it on their head for a long time without experiencing fatigue or discomfort. Paintballers who select this thermal paintball mask, therefore, can enjoy longer shooting periods without breaks or pauses for catching their breath.

      The longer a beginner paintballer remains active ensures that he or she can improve the accuracy of his or her aim and allow him or her to press the opposing paintballer team into surrender with unrelenting assault.

      Elastic strap

      A fully adjustable goggle strap that goes behind of the head allows the user to vary the grip on the thermal paintball mask for a tighter or looser fit depending on his or her head size. The strap is made of a non-slip material while a click-tight lock mechanism holds the strap firmly in place. This works to avoid slips that could make the goggles loose and eventually fall from place when the thermal paintball mask has been worn on the face of the paintballer.

      Inner padding

      Comfort is enhanced further by the inner padding in the interior of the mask that is made of a high-density foam material. The mask guarantees protection from impact that can happen when the paintballer wearing this thermal paintball mask hits his or her head on tough objects. Such accidents could occur while the paintballer is hiding from opponents or while he or she is in attacking formation.

      Full face coverage

      SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask provides complete facial and head protection. The mask also protects the mouth with a breathable riser vent that features enough perforations around the chin and below the ears for air circulation. The vents enable paintballers to communicate effectively with each other while at the same time acting as a temperature regulation mechanism for the mask's interior by allowing hot air to flow out and cool fresh air to flow into the mask.

      What users of this thermal paintball mask have to say about its performance

      We have sampled comments from users who have already purchased and used the SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask and this is what they have to say about the pros and cons of using the mask in a paintballing session.


      • The mask fits well on both big and small faces
      • The lenses clean off easily when a paintball lands on the mask
      • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
      • Wearing the mask does not restrict breathing or communication


      • The packaging the mask is sold in is not very attractive
      • The mask requires cleaning before first use

      Cleaning and Care Guidelines for the SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask

      Proper cleaning and maintenance guidelines should be followed strictly to enable your mask to last for a long time in proper working condition. The lenses require proper cleaning immediately after use in a paintballing game. Don't leave the paint on the lenses' surface for long since it can dry and prove difficult to get off without scratching them.

      Cleaning should be done by wiping the lenses' surface with clean water only. Do not dip the lenses in water but rather use a microfiber towel to wipe water and paint off their surface. Avoid soap, detergent, and alkaline-based cleaning products that can mess up the antifog ability of the lenses.

      Before using the mask for the first time, remember to peel off the protective plastic films that are on both sides of the lenses. You can keep the packaging and use it to carry the mask to and from the paintballing field to protect the lenses from scratches that could occur when the mask is carried together with other paintballing gear.

      How to use an airsoft gas mask

      How to use an airsoft gas mask | KNAMAO

      Want you want to know more about the gas mask for airsoft? Then you're in the right place. In this post, you will receive the following knowledge about

      • What is an airsoft gas mask?
      • Available Brands and the Special Features to Lookout for
      • Final Verdict on Airsoft Gas Masks

      Airsoft is an exciting game but sometimes exposes the players to dangers that compromise their safety. Wearing protective gear like gas masks can keep flying BBs and other particulates away from the facial area. If such elements found their way through the human mouth, nose, ears, or eyes, then you would likely develop some health problems.

      airsoft gas mask

      For healthy breathing, you have to find a quality airsoft gas mask that’s a good fit and meets your respiratory needs.

      When shopping for an airsoft gas mask, you'll come across other types of gas masks that include:

      • dust masks
      • surgical masks
      • escape hood
      • respirators
      Of the four types, respirators are the closest in resemblance to airsoft gas masks. However, a gas mask is preferable for a tactical game like airsoft since you’ll be dealing with hostile surroundings.


      What is an airsoft gas mask?

      Airsoft is a competitive military game that involves the shooting of BBs bullets that are usually plastic hence not harmful. The game is played outdoors where the terrain may be rough and weather harsh. As such, you have to bring the right protective gear to have fun, win, and stay safe.

      Some players opt to use an airsoft gas mask instead of the usual mask because it’s stylish and cool. Also, these players aim at breathing purified air while playing in areas that need survival tactics. Sometimes you might find yourselves on battlefields with toxic gases that you'll need a gas purifying mask.

      The perfect airsoft gas mask should have a full profile to cover the whole facial area. The gas mask should also be lightweight and compact for portability while on the battlefield.

      The thing with today's gas mask market is that most of the brands are versatile, so you can use them for other purposes than airsoft.

      gas mask airsoft

      Available Brands and the Special Features to Lookout for

      Most of the airsoft gas masks in the market are meant for military and tactical use. As such, you’ll find government and Military Outdoor Clothing as some of the lead brands. ECO-GEAR, Brccee AC, VILONG, SAS Safety, Fire Force, MSA, Charmadillo, Dion Wear, OGMS, Roger Enterprises, and American Vinyl are the other brands you’ll come across.

      Each of these brands comes with its special features with the intent of meeting the user needs. You have to take into account what each feature has to offer versus your needs. This will help make an informed decision regarding whether it meets your need for quality air, comfort, and protection.

      While you'll find powered gas masks, the passive type is preferable for airsoft since you can breathe without needing assistance. Once you've determined which passive airsoft gas mask suits you, then it's time you considered the uniqueness.

      Some of the factors to consider when shopping for the best airsoft gas mask are:

      Form factor

      Do you want a half or full face airsoft gas mask? Your preference will guide whether you should get a full hood or half profile mask. However, the full-face gas mask is preferable since it offers enough facial protection from flying BBs and other particulates.

      When protection comes to mind, think of the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Once these parts are fully protected, you’ll be focused on winning as your gameplay will be optimized.

      Make material

      Even if you get a full hood airsoft gas mask and it's made of poor quality material, you'll be doing zero work. This is because a weak material can be easily damaged by the flying high-speed BBs.

      While the making material should be high quality, stiff and rough doesn't mean perfection. A stiff airsoft gas mask will be too rigid to sit comfortably on your face. For instance, EPDM rubber makes strong gas masks that are comfy and compact.

      The screen can feature Plexiglas because it’s super tough, hence eliminating the worry of cracking after being hit by BBs. The larger the field of view you get from a gas mask, the better!

      For added comfort, you’ll find gas masks with special linings like Silicone that makes the inner side soft.

      If you intend to use the gas mask only when playing airsoft, paintball, or other tactical game, you don't have to go for the military-grade CRBN gas masks. This is because the battlefield will not have the spectrums of hazard. This will save you some cash since these are the toughest gas masks, therefore, might be pricy.

      Field of view

      Go for an airsoft gas mask with a large screen that’ll give you a great view of the front and side-ways. A large screen will prevent distractions as you’ll not have to turn your head to see your right or left.

      Most gas mask screens are made of strong clear plastic for visibility, durability, and lightness. These airsoft gas masks will give to you a clear view of the battlefield, so your competitors cannot sneak up on you. Also, the mask will be lightweight enough for swift movement on the battlefield.

      To enhance your visibility while the airsoft gas mask is on, some manufacturers include a panoramic visor for wide viewing.

      Filter system

      The main purpose of a gas mask is to filter the toxic air and provide quality breathing air. Airsoft is not played in hazardous environments although the battlefield’s design is fit for a tactical game or military use.

      As such, using a gas mask can be challenging since the filter systems are often clogged as you run and pant. This makes breathing difficult, therefore, reducing your stamina on the battlefield. Also, the gas mask may experience fogging that limits visibility. All these outcomes will significantly affect your performance.

      Choose an airsoft gas mask with a reliable filter system that will effectively filter particulate matter such as dust. The filter system should have large perforations to eliminate the air you breathe out and moisture that builds up as you sweat.
      If you’re playing in a hazardous environment, then the best airsoft gas mask should provide ample threat protection.


      You want to buy an airsoft gas mask that fits perfectly with your facial profile. If the mask is oversized, then you’ll not be getting the desired protection. Moreover, the objective of a gas mask is to filter out contaminated air, a purpose that a loose gas mask will not fulfill.

      Most gas masks are available in universal sizes to meet the needs of a variety of users. If you want the full hood gas mask, then you must get the right size for a flawless fit. The other types of gas masks come with adjustable straps that you fix depending on the shape and size of your face.


      Do you know how irritating it is to wear a gas mask your voice cannot be heard in? In airsoft, team members are expected to communicate effectively for successful gameplay. If you cannot be heard by your teammates on the battlefield, then you'll likely face a defeat.

      To avoid this frustration, look for gas masks with a built-in speech diaphragm. Such airsoft gas mask brands will make your voice audible even to the farthest person.

      Speaking of convenience, you want to get a gas mask that has a hypoallergenic oral-nasal cup. This is because your nostrils are sensitive and coming in contact with something you’re allergic to with the mask on could compromise your health.

      gas mask for airsoft

      Final Verdict on Airsoft Gas Masks

      Although playing airsoft is thrilling, putting on the right gear for the game takes the excitement further. A gas mask will come in handy if the battlefield is dusty or in a toxic environment. The best gas mask for airsoft should have an efficient filter system so that you can breathe with ease. Also, the filter will get rid of the toxic air and dust that could have otherwise compromised your safety and performance.

      The level of protection you desire will impact how complex the filter system you want should be. Keeping in mind you'll be in constant movement while playing airsoft you want a gas mask with a simple, well-perforated filter.

      The gas mask should also have a strong body build for durability amid the BBs shooting around. The inner material should be flexible to allow the gas mask to fit your facial profile and soft enough for comfort.

      A gas mask with adjustable straps is better than the full-hood type because you can achieve a perfect fit. This is keeping in mind most gas masks come in universal sizes. Don’t forget to check for a speech diaphragm and a visor or other feature for panoramic viewing.

      Tell us about your experience!

      What is your experience with gas masks at Airsoft - A must or just cool? 

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      What are the rules for paintball

      What are the rules for paintball | KNAMAO

      Paintball: The Game, the Equipment, Rules and How to Play

      Paintball is a fun way to blow off steam and use your body and your brain at the same time. Lots of adults as well as kids engage in this outdoor activity, enjoying the mess as well as the different ways to play. Paintball was originally a military training activity that simulated possible strategic assaults in wartime, but has since grown to be an equally fun activity for civilians.

      If you have never played paintball and you are interested in learning more about it, the first thing you should do is learn about the equipment, the different types of paintball games and the paintball rules that go with each different game. Then you can start looking for a good paintball field and business near you. They will tell you what their individual rates are for various games and what they offer.

      paintball rules

      Paintball Equipment

      As a general rule, you only need two things to play paintball. The first is a full face mask, since the paintballs explode and splatter on contact and the speed at which they are ejected from the paintball air gun is powerful enough to cause an eye injury. It should have a shatter-resistant eye shield and cover your nose and mouth.

      The hard plastic used to make this masks can take the hits of the paintballs, although most paintball business owners insist that head shots are not allowed. The mask is typically meant to protect you against a volley of paintballs that may stray from their marks and not any paintballs that are illegally shot at your head. However, the mask protects you no matter what or the number of paintballs that hit you in the head/face.

      The second and certainly equally important piece of equipment is the air gun. There is an attached hopper into which you can load paintballs. From the hopper, the balls automatically load themselves into the barrel of the gun. An attached compressed air tank releases an intense puff of air to eject the paintballs out the short barrel of the air gun at your target.

      Do not let the simplicity of the gun's design and function fool you! People often leave a paintball game with a couple of bruises because of how hard these little balls of paint hit. The closer your target is to you when you shoot, the more likely it will leave a bruise. (People with hemophilia or clotting disorders are discouraged from playing these games because of bruising factor.) A big part of paintball rules is that you are never allowed to shoot point-blank and/or shoot point-blank above the waist.

      The really good news is that you usually do not have to buy any guns or face masks. They are provided at a rental price from the owner of a paintball playing field. You may, however, have to purchase a bag of paintballs, and the cost ranges from a nickel a ball to under a dollar per ball, depending on where you live, where the paintball business is, and what the owner decides to charge. It is common to sell players bags of fifty or a hundred paintballs at a time. If you buy paintballs from a store to take with you, make sure there are no paintball rules against bringing in your own bag or container of paintballs to play.

      General Paintball Rules Everyone Has to Follow

      There are some general paintball rules every paintball player has to follow, or they (i.e., you) cannot play. The rules are for everyone's safety. They are very common-sense.

      Those paintball rules are:
      • ALWAYS wear the mask. Do NOT take it off while playing or near a field where there are flying paintballs.
      • If you are hit, you are OUT. It doesn't matter if the shot is intentional or accidental or even a stray paintball. A hit is a hit, and you are out.
      • If you run out of paintballs and there are no rules for hand-to-hand "combat", you have to surrender and exit the game. That is why you have to make every shot count and not just go crazy firing off your "ammo" like you are firing off a machine gun.
      • If you bring your own paintball air gun, check with the owner of the paintball property to make sure it is certified safe to use on his/her field. He/she has a license to operate, and violations in equipment can shut his/her business down.
      • You can surrender at any time if you want out of the game, but then you can't go back in the game either. You will have to wait for the next round.
      • Most paintball field owners do not allow anyone under the age of 12 to play for safety and liability reasons. Check with your paintball field owners to see what paintball rules and restrictions they have.

      It is also a good idea to wear clothes that you don't mind getting splattered with paint and covered in dirt or mud. Unless your intent is to walk away with a souvenir t-shirt covered in paintball colors/stains, avoid white. This are just some of the understood paintball rules that are rarely mentioned. A lot of people get really psyched about this activity and show up in full military camo. You can do that so long as you are not sporting any insignia or pretending to be soldiers and officers.

      Types of Paintball Games and the Paintball Rules That Govern Each

      Capture the Flag

      The title of this paintball game is pretty self-explanatory, but we'll dive into it and its paintball rules a little more. Essentially, two teams of at least four players each (although six or more players to a team make it more fun!) take the field. One team guards a flag and fires down on the opposing team to keep the opposing team members from grabbing the flag and running safely away. 

      It's an elimination game to get rid of team members on both sides until no one is left or the opposing team has absconded with the flag. Then it's game over. The paintball rules here state that every one that is hit with a single paintball is out and has to leave the game area.

      Variation of Capture the Flag

      In this game's paintball rules, a flag is placed somewhere in the middle of the playing field. It may or may not be visible to everyone playing, depending on how challenging the teams have agreed to play the game and or the variant on the paintball rules. The flag is not defended, but rather both teams attempt to fight and shoot their way to the flag until someone grabs it and runs off. The team whose player manages to grab the flag and take it back to the team's "base" wins.

      The Hunt

      This game has also been called "predator vs. prey," but the idea and the paintball rules are the same. One person or one team is/are the target(s). The other team has to hunt down the target(s) and shoot the target(s) until the target(s) is/are gone. The target(s) on the other hand, have to avoid being shot while picking off the hunters. The game is often played in the woods, although various and unusual objects to hide behind in an open field may do just as well. The target(s) are often given a few minutes head start to find cover before the hunt begins.


      This paintball game has quite the set of paintball rules. Everyone's name is written on small strips of paper and dropped in a hat. Everyone draws a name and does not reveal who they have drawn. If you draw your own name, you have to put it back and draw again. The secrecy of who has who is half the fun. Then you have to do all you can to avoid "dying" before you have "killed" your target. The person left standing and not "dead" at the end wins.

      Protect the Ruler

      Imagine if you were a member of the Secret Service. It's your job to protect the leader or diplomat from the assassins. That is what this game and its paintball rules are all about. Someone is elected to go without a gun and not be allowed to shoot. A small team is assigned to protect the "leader" and get the "leader" to a designated spot. The other team works to shoot the "leader" either by working their way around to a weakness in the defenses or picking off the protection detail team. If the "leader" gets to the spot alive, that team wins. If the "leader" is killed, the assassins win.

      Take out the Convoy

      Special Ops is the theme here, with just a couple of players taking out a very large group to grab the "missile" or other imagined prizes. The paintball rules here are simple. If the two or three players successfully pick off all of the other team, they win. If they are killed trying to take on the convoy, the convoy wins.

      paintball rule

      A Few Parting Words

      So that's about it in terms of paintball rules in general, paintball rules as they are applied to each game, and how to play. If you are even more excited about playing now, it's time to start looking for where to play and when you can play. Most paintball field owners operate on weekends as a side business, but some do this all year round to offer players a variety of seasons, ground and overhead cover, different weather conditions (because it is a very different game playing in pouring rain or snow!) and party packages.

      Sometimes these field owners will sell off their older equipment too, allowing you to buy the equipment that is both safe and allowed on these fields. It can become a really good deal if you plan to play a lot of paintball. Otherwise, there is a very big market out there of paintball equipment and supplies from suppliers who know and love the game. A lot of suppliers are now online too, making it really easy to get whatever you want or need to play games.

      Buying guide for paintball helmet

      Buying guide for paintball helmet | KNAMAO

      Playing paintball with your friends or family is a great way to improve on teamwork and coordination. When you are involved in a game of paintball, you need special tools and protective gear in order to protect yourself from hurt and bruises that you can get when performing tactical maneuvers which sometimes involve rolling on the ground or going through thick bushes.

      The helmet protects your head from injuries by covering your head with padded material all round. The helmet is held in place by straps that are fastened and can be tightened under your chin or behind your head.

      In this article, we take a deeper look into the construction of different paintball helmets that are available for purchase in the market, compare them and advise buyers on what they need to consider when they are in the market for a paintball helmet.

      What you need to know about the paintball helmet

      The rudimentary function of having a paintball helmet during a game of paintball is for protecting your head, eyes, and nose from possible damage. While paintball is relatively a safe sport, accidents can occur and you need to do your best in order to protect your face. Paintballs shatter when they land on a surface and cause the dye in them to splash. Splashing the paintball dye in your open face can lead to some of the paint finding its way into your eyes and ears. This is a situation that any paint baller should avoid. By donning a helmet that fits well over the face, you can protect your ears, nose, and eyes from the paintballs that land on you.

      The paintball helmet basically consists of a spherical shaped top that fits the size of most peoples head. The inner space where your head goes has padding made of soft materials that protect your head from hitting hard surfaces should there be any incident where you crash into a hard surface.

      The bottom part has straps that are used to fasten the helmet and hold it in place on your head. Some helmets come with straps that attach below the chin, while some have straps that attach behind the head. Others combine both straps that can be fastened below the chin as well as behind the head for a more secure fit.

      The front of the helmet has a viewing space that goes over the eyes when the helmet is worn. Depending on the helmet brand you have, the viewing angle on the eyes can be wide or limited. Helmets with limited vision angles need one to turn their whole head to look at different angles.

      Helmets that have a wider viewing space enable the paintballer view large angles without having to turn the head. Some helmets come with no cover over the eyes, but have a gap that fits protective goggles. This enables the paintballer donning the helmet wear goggles with the helmet.

      Below the viewing space, there are breathable protective covers that go over the mouth. The material used to make the mouth protection covers on most helmets have mesh design fabric that enables air to pass through easily enabling the wearer of the helmet easy breathing even after wearing the helmet for a long time. The same breathable fabric that is used to make the mouth protection cover is also used on protective pads that go over the ears. The mesh design on the fabric enables air circulation in the interior parts of the helmet thereby allowing heat dissipation.

      Some helmets have a solid metal structure and instead of the mesh fabric, they have metallic mesh covers that protect the mouth and ears while at the same time allowing airflow into the interior of the helmet.

      Common Features on a Paintball Helmet

      The helmets come in variety of shape and sizes. Some come with accompanying accessories and have features that are more advanced than others. The features on more advanced models of paintball helmets make them a bit pricier than paintball helmets that have only the basic features. We have discussed some of the features common on paintball helmets in the section below.

      Interior cushion padding

      Paintball helmets have interior padding on the interior that is mostly made of cushion material. The padding absorbs impact when the exterior of the helmet is hit and avoids transfer of the energy to the head of the person who is wearing the helmet. The padding on some helmets is removable and replaceable which allows the user to use the helmet for longer by replacing the padding pieces as soon as they get worn out.

      Adjustable Straps

      The straps that hold the helmet in place for most helmets are adjustable in length and allow for varying the tightness or looseness of how the helmet fits. The adjustable straps allow the use of the paintball helmet by people who have different sized heads. Occipital dial adjustments on high end helmets allow varying of the size of the spherical top part of the mask making it fit over any size of head.

      Accessory attachment ports

      High end paintball helmets have ports either on the front or back of the helmet that fit compatible accessories. The sides of the helmet above the ears on some masks also feature straps that can be used to hold accessories such as torchlights, digital cameras, precision lasers, and night vision goggles.

      Detachable mouth and ear protection covers

      Some Paintball helmets also come with detachable mouth and ear covers that have impact absorbing metal mesh covers on the exterior and soft padded mesh fabric on the interior. The detachable mouth and ear covers allow the user to use the helmet separately when they are in practice mode and attach the covers only when they want to go full combat mode.

      Viewing lens

      There are paintball helmets that have a solid structure with a seamless design that combines the top part and the bottom mouth protection cover that is not detachable. This type of paintball helmets has replaceable viewing lenses. The viewing lenses protect the users eyes and allow the user have wide viewing angle without having to turn their heads. A good helmet should have 180O viewing angle.

      Helmets that only cover the head and the other kind of paintball helmets that have a detachable mouth cover should be used with accompanying protective goggles to protect the paint baller's eyes.

      Buyers Guide to buying the best paintball helmet

      Seasoned paintballers know the importance of having proper protective gear during a game of paintball. The helmet gives you and your teammates the confidence to attack the opponent team knowing that your delicate facial body parts are fully protected. By having the proper helmet, you can participate in the paintball game more confidently and shoot for long hours without getting the fatigue or discomfort that comes with an ill-fitting mask. Our buyer's guide lists has some of the considerations that are important to look for when you are in the market for a paintball helmet.

      Fitting size of the helmet

      The l helmet you buy will be on your head and cover part of your face for hours throughout the paintball session. You, therefore, want a helmet that fits tightly over your head. A loose-fitting helmet causes distraction and interferes with your line of vision. You have to keep adjusting it and such distractions can give your opponent a chance to shoot at you.

      Some helmets like the ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Paintball helmet have a fixed head size that they can fit over. It is very important that you try on such a kind of helmet and feel how it fits over your head. Helmets from other brands like the Jadedragon PJ Tactical Fast Helmet have adjustable straps and an adjustable occipital knob at the rear. Such kind of masks can be adjusted to fit over both small and large heads making them suitable for all ages of paintballers.


      Materials used to make the helmet are mostly lightweight. However, the weight that paint ballers' heads can support differs from one person to the other. Due to this, it is important to try the helmet on and let it remain on your head for a few minutes. A good helmet for you should not cause you any discomfort for the short time you try it on. If the helmet feels too heavy, consider purchasing a lighter helmet. Remember that during the paintball game, the helmet will be on your head as you move around. Due to this, a helmet that feels light on your head will enable you protects yourself and allows you to shoot without causing you any discomfort.

      Compatibility with additional accessories

      High-end paintball helmets have ports that allow fitting of accessories that enable the paintballer increase their aim and shoot even in extreme conditions. A helmet as the QZY Tactical Helmet has holding ports on the front and rear that allow attaching of flashlights, a digital camera or lasers. Detachable mouth and ear protective pads are also available and attach to the making it a full face and head protective equipment.

      Ease of donning and removal

      Having the helmet on for long periods can be tough for some people. They require taking a short break to catch their breath from time to time. For such paintballers, the FAST Helmet Coyote that comes with a detachable face mask accessory that can be easily lifted when one wants to catch their breath, is a very good choice for a paintballing helmet.

      Paint ballers that can have their helmets on for longer hours without having trouble can opt for the compact LEJUNJIE Airsoft Tactical Military Full Face Mask that comes as one complete helmet that covers both the head and mouth.


      When going for a paintballing session, it is important that you observe safety regulations. Helmets are just but one of the safety requirements at the paintballing field. Helmets that don't have face shields should be used with safety goggles to prevent paint from splashing into the paint baller's eyes and mouth.

      Ensure that you check the exterior of the paintball helmet for cracks or small fissures after every game of paintball and replace the helmet if the exterior surface is damaged.

      How to clean a paintball mask

      How to clean a paintball mask | KNAMAO

      In this post we show you the following areas: 
      • Easy guide on how to clean a paintball mask
      • What is a paintball mask
      • Why wear a clean paintball mask
      • What to Use When Cleaning a Paintball Mask
      • How to Clean a Paintball Mask
      Paintball is, by its very nature, a very vigorous game. It involves a myriad of activities from running, dodging, kicking up dust, crawling and shooting. All these moves are aimed at giving you the upper hand so that you can win against your opponent. It is a great teambuilding sport, and for the physical fitness enthusiasts, this is one of the most intense sports.

      What is a Paintball Mask?

      Although paintball is a fun game, it can also be very dangerous if played without proper protective gear. Of all the pieces of protective equipment necessary for a good game of paintball, the most important is the paintball mask. This piece of equipment helps protect your head from all the extremities of the game, including the high-velocity balls of paint that your opponent fires at you. Failing to maintain a clean paintball mask could result in poor visibility, thus giving your opponent the upper hand, or even worse, result in grievous injury.

      Why wear a Clean Paintball Mask?

      As with all sports equipment, there are many benefits of wearing a clean paintball mask every time you play. These include:

      Your Personal Safety

      The main reason for having a paintball mask on during a game is for your protection. As we saw earlier, paintball is a prey intense game that involves a lot of maneuvers. Attempting these moves without wearing a clean paintball mask leaves the most sensitive part of your body exposed to injury.

      Enhanced Confidence

      You will be able to enjoy your paintball game better, knowing that you are well protected when you wear a clean paintball mask. The increased confidence will give you the upper hand as you compete against your opponent.

      Allows for Better Training

      When you put on a clean paintball mask, you are guaranteed sufficient protection to your head and clear visibility. You will be able to train more effectively without having to fear for your safety.

      It is More Professional

      If you are a paintball enthusiast, you will want to look, feel, and play like a professional. One of the marks of professionalism is wearing a clean protective kit, and that includes your paintball mask.

      What to Use When Cleaning a Paintball Mask

      We have seen the benefits of wearing a paintball mask. To keep your paintball mask clean and in good condition, you need to know how to safely and effectively clean it. Knowing what to use and what to avoid while cleaning your paintball mask will save you a lot of time and money.

      For you to effectively clean your paintball mask, you will need three items:
      • Clean water.
      • Microfiber cloth.
      • Paintball lens cleaner.
      One important point to note is that you should never use a regular glass cleaner to clean your paintball mask. These products have components that can easily strip the protective coating on your paintball mask lens. It is also important not to use any material other than a microfiber cloth for wiping the lens clean, as these other materials are too harsh and will ruin the visibility of your paintball mask lens. Once the lens is ruined, there is no option other than buying a new paintball mask lens.

      How to Clean a Paintball Mask.

      Once you have put together the required items for cleaning a paintball mask, you can now go ahead and get the job done. We will share our simple step by step guide for cleaning the paintball mask below.

      Inspect the Lens Carefully.

      The first step when cleaning your paintball mask should always be a thorough, but gentle inspection of the lens. The lens is a vital part of the mask since they protect the most sensitive part of your head; your eyes. Your inspection of the lens should be aimed at identifying areas that need cleaning and identifying any points of weakness, such as cracks and loose corners.
      The best way to inspect your paintball mask lens it to hold them against the light. This helps identify any faults and cracks, especially around the edges. Once you notice a deformity, it is advisable to replace the lens at once, no matter how negligible you may think the defect to be.

      Remove the Splattered Paint.

      Once you ascertain there is no damage to the lens, the next step is to clean all the debris and excess paint splatters from the mask exterior. The best way to achieve this is by using running water. It is, however, important to make sure that the water pressure is not too high to avoid damaging the lens.

      The materials used to make paintballs is water-soluble, and the splatters should not give you a hard time to remove. The stream of water should be perpendicular to the mask, and you should avoid all temptation to spray the mask with water at extreme angles. This point is particularly crucial, since water sprayed from extreme angles may find its way between the layers of a mask’s thermal lens, damaging the visibility. One secret of rinsing the paintball mask with water is to use hot water. Hot water, if gently applied on the mask, rinses off the water-soluble paint splatters easily, leaving the mask almost clean.

      Once the water rinsing part is done, keep the mask in a well-ventilated place, and let it dry. When the mask is dry, it is now time to wipe off any remaining stubborn paint residue using your microfiber cloth and the paintball mask cleaner. This process should be undertaken gently to avoid damaging the lens. If you had used your microfiber cloth to clean a splatter of paint from another lens, it is advisable to use a fresh one, to avoid transferring the dirt from the mask to your lens.

      Clean the Mask Interior

      Cleaning the outer surfaces of the mask does not result in a wholly clean paintball mask, and you must always make sure you clean the interior as well. As we mentioned earlier, paintball is an intense game, and the moves will leave your clean paintball mask with sweat and dust. Cleaning this part of the mask should be simple, since not much, if any paint splatters find their way inside.

      However, care should be taken to avoid damaging the interior of the thermal lenses, as these are extremely delicate. You will have no use for a clean mask with zero visibility, so you had better be careful with the lens. Some players opt to rinse the interiors of their paintball masks using running water, but you should be careful not to get it too wet. Spraying some approved paintball cleaner and wiping the interior clean using a microfiber cloth will suffice, and there is no need to overdo it.

      Check the lens one last time

      Once you have done everything right and you have a clean paintball mask, it is always advisable to recheck the lens. Remember, the lens is the most important part of the paintball mask since they offer visibility while protecting your eyes. Inspecting the lens on a clean paintball mask gives you an excellent chance to identify any defect that you could have missed the first time, and it is better always to be sure when it comes to personal protection. Once you are satisfied that the lens is in perfect condition, then you can comfortably store your clean paintball mask until the next game.

      Summary and Recommendations

      When it comes to maintaining a clean paintball mask, it is important to be methodical and gentle during the cleaning process. It is recommended that you always use approved paintball mask cleaners and microfiber cloths for cleaning. Any other material, as we mentioned earlier, maybe too harsh and end up damaging your mask.

      A paintball player’s most important piece of protective gear is a clean paintball mask, and every paintball enthusiast should not find it hard to follow the cleaning guide. An improperly cleaned mask could lower your performance during the game, and could even result in injury, so t is always important to wear a clean mask before every game.

      Since your safety is the priority, do not wait until your mas lens crack to replace them. If you sustain a close-range shot in the course of a game, and the paintball hits your lens directly, it is always good to replace your lens. A clean paintball mask works best with a faultless lens, and if a paintball has hit you to the lens at close range, there is definitely some considerable damage to the integrity of the lens.

      It is also essential to properly keep and carry your paintball mask onto the playing field. Since the lens is extremely sensitive, it is advisable to avoid any rough handling of the mask and anything else that could scratch the lens and compromise its integrity.

      With these tips, you can comfortably get into the field for an intense game of paintball wearing a clean mask, without the fear of poor visibility, fog and splintered lens ruining your day.