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      How to clean a paintball mask

      How to clean a paintball mask | KNAMAO

      In this post we show you the following areas: 
      • Easy guide on how to clean a paintball mask
      • What is a paintball mask
      • Why wear a clean paintball mask
      • What to Use When Cleaning a Paintball Mask
      • How to Clean a Paintball Mask
      Paintball is, by its very nature, a very vigorous game. It involves a myriad of activities from running, dodging, kicking up dust, crawling and shooting. All these moves are aimed at giving you the upper hand so that you can win against your opponent. It is a great teambuilding sport, and for the physical fitness enthusiasts, this is one of the most intense sports.

      What is a Paintball Mask?

      Although paintball is a fun game, it can also be very dangerous if played without proper protective gear. Of all the pieces of protective equipment necessary for a good game of paintball, the most important is the paintball mask. This piece of equipment helps protect your head from all the extremities of the game, including the high-velocity balls of paint that your opponent fires at you. Failing to maintain a clean paintball mask could result in poor visibility, thus giving your opponent the upper hand, or even worse, result in grievous injury.

      Why wear a Clean Paintball Mask?

      As with all sports equipment, there are many benefits of wearing a clean paintball mask every time you play. These include:

      Your Personal Safety

      The main reason for having a paintball mask on during a game is for your protection. As we saw earlier, paintball is a prey intense game that involves a lot of maneuvers. Attempting these moves without wearing a clean paintball mask leaves the most sensitive part of your body exposed to injury.

      Enhanced Confidence

      You will be able to enjoy your paintball game better, knowing that you are well protected when you wear a clean paintball mask. The increased confidence will give you the upper hand as you compete against your opponent.

      Allows for Better Training

      When you put on a clean paintball mask, you are guaranteed sufficient protection to your head and clear visibility. You will be able to train more effectively without having to fear for your safety.

      It is More Professional

      If you are a paintball enthusiast, you will want to look, feel, and play like a professional. One of the marks of professionalism is wearing a clean protective kit, and that includes your paintball mask.

      What to Use When Cleaning a Paintball Mask

      We have seen the benefits of wearing a paintball mask. To keep your paintball mask clean and in good condition, you need to know how to safely and effectively clean it. Knowing what to use and what to avoid while cleaning your paintball mask will save you a lot of time and money.

      For you to effectively clean your paintball mask, you will need three items:
      • Clean water.
      • Microfiber cloth.
      • Paintball lens cleaner.
      One important point to note is that you should never use a regular glass cleaner to clean your paintball mask. These products have components that can easily strip the protective coating on your paintball mask lens. It is also important not to use any material other than a microfiber cloth for wiping the lens clean, as these other materials are too harsh and will ruin the visibility of your paintball mask lens. Once the lens is ruined, there is no option other than buying a new paintball mask lens.

      How to Clean a Paintball Mask.

      Once you have put together the required items for cleaning a paintball mask, you can now go ahead and get the job done. We will share our simple step by step guide for cleaning the paintball mask below.

      Inspect the Lens Carefully.

      The first step when cleaning your paintball mask should always be a thorough, but gentle inspection of the lens. The lens is a vital part of the mask since they protect the most sensitive part of your head; your eyes. Your inspection of the lens should be aimed at identifying areas that need cleaning and identifying any points of weakness, such as cracks and loose corners.
      The best way to inspect your paintball mask lens it to hold them against the light. This helps identify any faults and cracks, especially around the edges. Once you notice a deformity, it is advisable to replace the lens at once, no matter how negligible you may think the defect to be.

      Remove the Splattered Paint.

      Once you ascertain there is no damage to the lens, the next step is to clean all the debris and excess paint splatters from the mask exterior. The best way to achieve this is by using running water. It is, however, important to make sure that the water pressure is not too high to avoid damaging the lens.

      The materials used to make paintballs is water-soluble, and the splatters should not give you a hard time to remove. The stream of water should be perpendicular to the mask, and you should avoid all temptation to spray the mask with water at extreme angles. This point is particularly crucial, since water sprayed from extreme angles may find its way between the layers of a mask’s thermal lens, damaging the visibility. One secret of rinsing the paintball mask with water is to use hot water. Hot water, if gently applied on the mask, rinses off the water-soluble paint splatters easily, leaving the mask almost clean.

      Once the water rinsing part is done, keep the mask in a well-ventilated place, and let it dry. When the mask is dry, it is now time to wipe off any remaining stubborn paint residue using your microfiber cloth and the paintball mask cleaner. This process should be undertaken gently to avoid damaging the lens. If you had used your microfiber cloth to clean a splatter of paint from another lens, it is advisable to use a fresh one, to avoid transferring the dirt from the mask to your lens.

      Clean the Mask Interior

      Cleaning the outer surfaces of the mask does not result in a wholly clean paintball mask, and you must always make sure you clean the interior as well. As we mentioned earlier, paintball is an intense game, and the moves will leave your clean paintball mask with sweat and dust. Cleaning this part of the mask should be simple, since not much, if any paint splatters find their way inside.

      However, care should be taken to avoid damaging the interior of the thermal lenses, as these are extremely delicate. You will have no use for a clean mask with zero visibility, so you had better be careful with the lens. Some players opt to rinse the interiors of their paintball masks using running water, but you should be careful not to get it too wet. Spraying some approved paintball cleaner and wiping the interior clean using a microfiber cloth will suffice, and there is no need to overdo it.

      Check the lens one last time

      Once you have done everything right and you have a clean paintball mask, it is always advisable to recheck the lens. Remember, the lens is the most important part of the paintball mask since they offer visibility while protecting your eyes. Inspecting the lens on a clean paintball mask gives you an excellent chance to identify any defect that you could have missed the first time, and it is better always to be sure when it comes to personal protection. Once you are satisfied that the lens is in perfect condition, then you can comfortably store your clean paintball mask until the next game.

      Summary and Recommendations

      When it comes to maintaining a clean paintball mask, it is important to be methodical and gentle during the cleaning process. It is recommended that you always use approved paintball mask cleaners and microfiber cloths for cleaning. Any other material, as we mentioned earlier, maybe too harsh and end up damaging your mask.

      A paintball player’s most important piece of protective gear is a clean paintball mask, and every paintball enthusiast should not find it hard to follow the cleaning guide. An improperly cleaned mask could lower your performance during the game, and could even result in injury, so t is always important to wear a clean mask before every game.

      Since your safety is the priority, do not wait until your mas lens crack to replace them. If you sustain a close-range shot in the course of a game, and the paintball hits your lens directly, it is always good to replace your lens. A clean paintball mask works best with a faultless lens, and if a paintball has hit you to the lens at close range, there is definitely some considerable damage to the integrity of the lens.

      It is also essential to properly keep and carry your paintball mask onto the playing field. Since the lens is extremely sensitive, it is advisable to avoid any rough handling of the mask and anything else that could scratch the lens and compromise its integrity.

      With these tips, you can comfortably get into the field for an intense game of paintball wearing a clean mask, without the fear of poor visibility, fog and splintered lens ruining your day.

      What to Look For When Buying a Paintball Mask

      Pro paintball players know the importance of a mask while in the field. Besides ensuring your safety while on the battlefield, paintball masks also improve your skills.

      As such, when buying a paintball mask, you must conduct thorough research to identify the most reliable brand. Different brands come with varying features that are suitable for different paintball player-levels.

      A professional paintball player should recognize the quality of every brand to determine which better meets your needs. The strength and sturdiness of the make material determines the quality of the mask.

      Manufacturers make different masks for various paintball games based on the:

      • Level of protection needed
      • Lightness required
      • Level of profile; low or high
      • Amount of comfort for padding or foaming
      • Speed needed in the game
      • Risk associated with the game

      If you’re a beginner, you should know that the type of mask you go for will ultimately impact your performance. So, while you seek to protect your face, don’t leave out your gameplay. The best mask should guarantee the player’s safety and boost the winning probability.

      This buying guide will tell you what to look for in a paintball mask and why. But first, what do you need to know about these masks?

      Paintball Masks

      Paintball is an exciting game and the main rule is, “a splatter of paint anywhere on your body means you’re hit and, therefore, have lost. Due to the thrill of this game, professionals came up with the idea of masks to at least cover the head.

      So, if you’re just getting into the game, then you should get a decent paintball mask before any other kit. The best mask should protect your ears, eyes, and whole face.

      Since in the beginning, these masks were a little costly, so most people were used to renting them. This meant that the masks could be the right fit for others and the wrong for some. So, as time went by, paintball players began customizing their masks to fit their level of comfort, protection, and taste.

      With this idea in mind, paintball mask manufacturers started designing brands that were up to the players’ standard. Most designers opt for replaceable parts that are also customizable so that the user can adjust some parts to get the right fit.

      Finding the right paintball mask for yourself is crucial as it will determine your ability to achieve set goals in the field. You want a mask that provides a full and clear vision so that you have the perfect site during the game. The mask should also allow you to hear properly for fact action in case an opponent attempts to sneak up on you.

      The ideal paintball mask should also be breathable so that sweat doesn’t build up and hinder your vision. To complement this factor, manufacturers use innovative lenses like anti-fog wipes or thermal design lenses.

      If you have on the right paintball mask, then your head will be in the game as you’ll not be adjusting or worrying about it coming off!

      Paintball Mask Brands in the Market

      Like many other products in the market, there’re several paintball mask manufacturers out there. Each brand has special features that make it unique, hence recognizable by the customers. The feature variations bring about price variation due to differences in quality and style.

      Instead of buying a cheap mask that might cost you a good game, why don’t you spend extra dollars for excellence!

      Some of the popular paintball mask brands you’ll come across are HK Army, JT, Push, Virtue, DYE, VForce, Empire, and BunkerKings. There’re more brands available and the more you familiarize with them, you’ll eventually pick your favorite based on the features.

      paintball mask

      Features to Lookout for When Buying a Paintball Mask

      The best quality paintball mask should meet all your comfort and protection needs. Some of the features you want your mask to have are:


      Comfort should be your number one issue when buying a paintball mask. The mask should fit well and sit on your face perfectly. A tight mask will have you distracted in an attempt to adjust it for comfort. A loose mask, on the other hand, will move constantly, therefore, removing your focus from the game.

      Some brands use soft foam padding on the inside to improve comfort when the mask is on your face. The quality of the foam will also matter since poor quality material may be too rough on your skin and itchy.

      The mask should also have proper ventilation so that your face stays in a cool space for the utmost comfort during the game. Venting will also promote airflow for easy breathing as the hot air is readily removed.

      Paintball mask ventilation also promotes effective communication as your sounds will be transmitted better on the battlefield.

      UV protection

      Paintball is carried out in open fields where you'll be under direct sunlight for long periods. To protect your eyes and give you proper vision, manufacturers feature UV protection when making paintball masks.


      The quality of lenses the mask you get is made of will impact your vision quality during the game. The best lenses should offer a 260 to a 290-degree field of vision for a peripheral view.

      Avoid the cheap knock offs that use flat lenses that only give you a narrow view that will cause you to perform poorly.


      Lightweight paintball masks are preferable since you’ll not be carrying a load on your head during a game that requires you to be flexible and physically fit. The lighter the mask, the better your gameplay and performance.


      The quality of material used to make the mask impacts its strength, comfort, and durability. The material should be strong and sturdy to withstand the rough activities in a paintball game.

      Paintball markers move at a super-fast speed such that they could break or crush a weak paintball mask. A reliable mask make should withstand heavy force.

      The inner material should be soft and flexible for durability amid the rough wear and removal. The skirt and facial area of the mask should have a sturdy yet soft and flexible material for fitment and durability.

      Go for masks with double-pane lenses since they’re sturdier, hence durable.

      Ear protection

      The other factor that you should consider when buying a mask is the level of ear protection it'll offer you. Based on the welt you see the paintball markers leave behind, you can tell that they travel at a super-speed. If the marker were to hit your ears, then it could jeopardize your hearing capacity or general health.

      Most brands use padded ear protection to ensure the safety of the player since the shock is absorbed with every hit.

      Scratch resistance

      Good masks have a scratch-resistant material because with the roughness of the game you could never predict a collision. If you get a poor quality mask that can be easily scratched, then your performance will be poor. This is especially if the lenses were scratched as it will impact your vision on the field.

      Also, a mask with scratches doesn't look that nice!

      Mask profile

      The design of a mask impacts its profile. There’re two profiles often featured by manufacturers; low and high.

      A low profile is more effective for speedball games since only a few parts of your body will be exposed, like the head. However, a high profile mask is safer for players since it fully covers the face.

      Paintball masks also have straps that aid in adjusting the fit for comfort. A double-strap setup is more comfortable and durable in comparison to a single strap setup.

      Summary and Recommendations

      If the style of the mask is important, then rest assured there're a variety of cool paintball masks to choose from. Depending on the game you’ll be playing, there’s a brand out there for you. However, take time to consider your needs and the features each mask comes with. This step will ensure proper decision making as you optimize comfort and performance.

      The best paintball mask for you should have a defined air ventilation system and offer a full peripheral view. The mask should also be lined with foam or padded for facial comfort.

      The lenses of the mask should also be easily removable to ensure simple replacement and quick cleaning. Take time to analyze the market since your comfort and performance on the battlefield all depend upon the mask type and brand!