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      Paintball Marker

      Here you can find our assortment of paintball markers. A paintball marker is a portable air-powered device used in the game of paintballing, which uses compressed air to propel paint-filled capsules (colors are provided by compressed air-fuel) through a paintball capsule through the air. A paintball marker or paintball gun also called a paintball marker or just paintball gun is the most important piece of paintball gear and is used for the most crucial battle in paintball: the game of paintball. For many years now, paintball markers have evolved from their humble beginnings as simple hand-powered devices to incredibly fast electronic equipment, and now they can shoot balls with incredible speed and consistency. Modern paintball markers include features such as special lighting systems, electronic charging units, adjustable air pressure, interchangeable barrel assemblies, adjustable hop-up, and interchangeable air filters. In this article, I will be discussing the basic equipment that is required for paintballing.