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      News — Thermal paintball mask

      A Buying Guide to Thermal paintball masks

      A Buying Guide to Thermal paintball masks | KNAMAO

      Newbies to the paintball field usually begin with rental equipment because most beginners are probably are just trying to see how the game is played and are not sure whether they will pursue shooting paintballs on the long term.

      If you are an experienced paintballer who enjoys playing the game, however, buying gear that helps keep your ears, nose, and mouth safe should feature on your to do list. Having personal protective gear allows you get the right fit for your head every time you go out on the field unlike rental equipment where you might not always get the right fit and have to compromise by making do with whatever gear is available at the time.

      In the section below, we discuss what paintballing enthusiasts should consider before they buy a thermal paintball mask and what features make some masks better than others when used for protection during a paintballing game. We have also nominated one thermal paintball mask that we think would be perfect for both beginners and experienced paintballers.

      A general look at paintball masks

      Paintball masks are worn over the face to cover the eyes, nose, and mouth, thereby preventing paintballs that hit the facial area and the head of a paintballer from blasting and spilling paint on the delicate parts of the paintballer's face.

      The interior of the thermal paintball mask has padded material that further protects the wearer from the impact resulting from the high velocity paintballs landing on the face when wearing the mask. The exterior of the thermal paintball mask is made of tough material that can withstand the impact of paintballs without breaking or cracking. Some masks are made of semi rigid plastic that has elastic capabilities to ensure that the paintballs that land on it bounce instead of breaking when they hit the surface.

      The mouth cover on a paintball mask features breathable design that allows air to flow in and out of the mask. Without this feature, the enclosed interior can get hot when the person wearing the mask breathes in and out with the mask over his face. The breathable design also allows the paintballer to communicate effectively with teammates, which is important when a team is coordinating an attack or a defense from a rival team's aggressive assault.

      The mask also has protective covering that fits over the eyes, which comes in form of goggles that are made of antiglare material. Popular materials that make up most goggles are Lexan or other polycarbonates due to their anti-scratch and anti-shatter properties. The goggles also have optional variations of single lenses or double lenses. Single lens goggles are easy to maintain and care for but are prone to fogging.

      Double-lensed goggles, which are also known as thermal lenses, comprise two lenses that are tightly glued together using a rubber gasket or airtight form. This structure enables them to resist fogging but the downside is that they are harder to clean and maintain. Cleaning a thermal paintball mask should be done using microfiber cloths that are friendly on the delicate surface of the interior lens. Submerging the goggles in water should also be avoided because the droplets that get in between the two lenses can cause permeant steaming of the goggles.

      SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask Paintball Mask with Dye I4 Thermal Lens

      The market is flooded with thermal paintball masks that you can buy when looking to add to your personal collection of paint balling gear. Beginner paintballers, however, could have a hard time picking a thermal paintball mask when presented with the many options available in the market. If you have been wondering how to narrow down your search for a paintball mask, worry no more!

      This is because we have looked through the thermal paintball mask market and done comprehensive comparisons between the masks that are available. From our search, we found a thermal paintball mask that meets the needs of both beginner and experienced paintballers.

      The SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask Paintball Mask with Dye I4 Thermal Lens comes in optional color variations and detachable goggles that are easy to clean and maintain. This mean looking mask will have your opponent shaken just by its mean appearance that oozes aggressiveness.

      The mask is made of lightweight semi grid plastic that protects the wearer from high projectiles in the paintball field. Weighing at only 340 grams, wearing this thermal paintball mask allows you to extend your paintball shooting sessions without pauses to catch your breath due to fatigue that is common when donning heavier masks. Additionally, the mask fits across multiple head sizes, thus making it suitable for both young and adult paintballers. Below is a deeper look into the features of this mask that made us rate it top among the many thermal paintball masks that we found on the market.

      Color options

      The SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask come in color variations of olive, black, yellow, or brown, which is more than enough choice for all genders and ages. Having color options allows paintballers who purchase this thermal paintball mask to match their masks with their guns and gear. Paintballers can also pick colors that blend with the paintballing field and camouflage themselves by having inconspicuous thermal paintball masks. Having similar colored thermal paintball masks for each team member also enables quick identification of a paintballer in the shooting field, which reduces cases of accidental friendly fire among members of the same team.

      Lenses with matching color options

      Lenses for the SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask are available in color options of clear, yellow, dark blue, or gold. These colors compliment the available colors of the thermal paintball masks, which mean that players can choose to match the lenses with the mask or pick contrasting colors of the lens and mask's exterior. Furthermore, choices of color on the lenses help boost the antiglare properties of the lens. This enables you to look directly at bright light sources without damaging your eyes or forcing you to strain them, something that could affect your shooting accuracy.

      Durable Dual lenses with antifog performance

      The spherical surface of the lenses is coated with an anti-scratch material that allow the thermal paintball mask to shield your eyes. It also allows you to maintain a clear line of vision whenever you are wearing this thermal paintball mask. The curved nature allows the lenses to withstand impact from high velocity projectiles including paintballs without cracking or shattering. The lenses also feature double-layer structure that resists fogging even in hot and humid conditions.

      Easy to maintain lenses clean up quick. With just a quick wipe with a soft cloth, the player can easily restore vision in seconds when hit with a paintball directly in the face and get back to shooting at opponents.


      This thermal paintball mask has been made with lightweight and sturdy plastic that withstands impact from projectiles and hard-hitting objects. The shape allows it to fit firmly over most regular sized heads, thus making it suitable for paintballers of all ages. The lightweight nature of this thermal paintball mask further enables the user to have it on their head for a long time without experiencing fatigue or discomfort. Paintballers who select this thermal paintball mask, therefore, can enjoy longer shooting periods without breaks or pauses for catching their breath.

      The longer a beginner paintballer remains active ensures that he or she can improve the accuracy of his or her aim and allow him or her to press the opposing paintballer team into surrender with unrelenting assault.

      Elastic strap

      A fully adjustable goggle strap that goes behind of the head allows the user to vary the grip on the thermal paintball mask for a tighter or looser fit depending on his or her head size. The strap is made of a non-slip material while a click-tight lock mechanism holds the strap firmly in place. This works to avoid slips that could make the goggles loose and eventually fall from place when the thermal paintball mask has been worn on the face of the paintballer.

      Inner padding

      Comfort is enhanced further by the inner padding in the interior of the mask that is made of a high-density foam material. The mask guarantees protection from impact that can happen when the paintballer wearing this thermal paintball mask hits his or her head on tough objects. Such accidents could occur while the paintballer is hiding from opponents or while he or she is in attacking formation.

      Full face coverage

      SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask provides complete facial and head protection. The mask also protects the mouth with a breathable riser vent that features enough perforations around the chin and below the ears for air circulation. The vents enable paintballers to communicate effectively with each other while at the same time acting as a temperature regulation mechanism for the mask's interior by allowing hot air to flow out and cool fresh air to flow into the mask.

      What users of this thermal paintball mask have to say about its performance

      We have sampled comments from users who have already purchased and used the SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask and this is what they have to say about the pros and cons of using the mask in a paintballing session.


      • The mask fits well on both big and small faces
      • The lenses clean off easily when a paintball lands on the mask
      • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
      • Wearing the mask does not restrict breathing or communication


      • The packaging the mask is sold in is not very attractive
      • The mask requires cleaning before first use

      Cleaning and Care Guidelines for the SPUNKY Army Military Airsoft Mask

      Proper cleaning and maintenance guidelines should be followed strictly to enable your mask to last for a long time in proper working condition. The lenses require proper cleaning immediately after use in a paintballing game. Don't leave the paint on the lenses' surface for long since it can dry and prove difficult to get off without scratching them.

      Cleaning should be done by wiping the lenses' surface with clean water only. Do not dip the lenses in water but rather use a microfiber towel to wipe water and paint off their surface. Avoid soap, detergent, and alkaline-based cleaning products that can mess up the antifog ability of the lenses.

      Before using the mask for the first time, remember to peel off the protective plastic films that are on both sides of the lenses. You can keep the packaging and use it to carry the mask to and from the paintballing field to protect the lenses from scratches that could occur when the mask is carried together with other paintballing gear.