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      News — airsoft gas mask

      How to use an airsoft gas mask

      How to use an airsoft gas mask | KNAMAO

      Want you want to know more about the gas mask for airsoft? Then you're in the right place. In this post, you will receive the following knowledge about

      • What is an airsoft gas mask?
      • Available Brands and the Special Features to Lookout for
      • Final Verdict on Airsoft Gas Masks

      Airsoft is an exciting game but sometimes exposes the players to dangers that compromise their safety. Wearing protective gear like gas masks can keep flying BBs and other particulates away from the facial area. If such elements found their way through the human mouth, nose, ears, or eyes, then you would likely develop some health problems.

      airsoft gas mask

      For healthy breathing, you have to find a quality airsoft gas mask that’s a good fit and meets your respiratory needs.

      When shopping for an airsoft gas mask, you'll come across other types of gas masks that include:

      • dust masks
      • surgical masks
      • escape hood
      • respirators
      Of the four types, respirators are the closest in resemblance to airsoft gas masks. However, a gas mask is preferable for a tactical game like airsoft since you’ll be dealing with hostile surroundings.


      What is an airsoft gas mask?

      Airsoft is a competitive military game that involves the shooting of BBs bullets that are usually plastic hence not harmful. The game is played outdoors where the terrain may be rough and weather harsh. As such, you have to bring the right protective gear to have fun, win, and stay safe.

      Some players opt to use an airsoft gas mask instead of the usual mask because it’s stylish and cool. Also, these players aim at breathing purified air while playing in areas that need survival tactics. Sometimes you might find yourselves on battlefields with toxic gases that you'll need a gas purifying mask.

      The perfect airsoft gas mask should have a full profile to cover the whole facial area. The gas mask should also be lightweight and compact for portability while on the battlefield.

      The thing with today's gas mask market is that most of the brands are versatile, so you can use them for other purposes than airsoft.

      gas mask airsoft

      Available Brands and the Special Features to Lookout for

      Most of the airsoft gas masks in the market are meant for military and tactical use. As such, you’ll find government and Military Outdoor Clothing as some of the lead brands. ECO-GEAR, Brccee AC, VILONG, SAS Safety, Fire Force, MSA, Charmadillo, Dion Wear, OGMS, Roger Enterprises, and American Vinyl are the other brands you’ll come across.

      Each of these brands comes with its special features with the intent of meeting the user needs. You have to take into account what each feature has to offer versus your needs. This will help make an informed decision regarding whether it meets your need for quality air, comfort, and protection.

      While you'll find powered gas masks, the passive type is preferable for airsoft since you can breathe without needing assistance. Once you've determined which passive airsoft gas mask suits you, then it's time you considered the uniqueness.

      Some of the factors to consider when shopping for the best airsoft gas mask are:

      Form factor

      Do you want a half or full face airsoft gas mask? Your preference will guide whether you should get a full hood or half profile mask. However, the full-face gas mask is preferable since it offers enough facial protection from flying BBs and other particulates.

      When protection comes to mind, think of the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Once these parts are fully protected, you’ll be focused on winning as your gameplay will be optimized.

      Make material

      Even if you get a full hood airsoft gas mask and it's made of poor quality material, you'll be doing zero work. This is because a weak material can be easily damaged by the flying high-speed BBs.

      While the making material should be high quality, stiff and rough doesn't mean perfection. A stiff airsoft gas mask will be too rigid to sit comfortably on your face. For instance, EPDM rubber makes strong gas masks that are comfy and compact.

      The screen can feature Plexiglas because it’s super tough, hence eliminating the worry of cracking after being hit by BBs. The larger the field of view you get from a gas mask, the better!

      For added comfort, you’ll find gas masks with special linings like Silicone that makes the inner side soft.

      If you intend to use the gas mask only when playing airsoft, paintball, or other tactical game, you don't have to go for the military-grade CRBN gas masks. This is because the battlefield will not have the spectrums of hazard. This will save you some cash since these are the toughest gas masks, therefore, might be pricy.

      Field of view

      Go for an airsoft gas mask with a large screen that’ll give you a great view of the front and side-ways. A large screen will prevent distractions as you’ll not have to turn your head to see your right or left.

      Most gas mask screens are made of strong clear plastic for visibility, durability, and lightness. These airsoft gas masks will give to you a clear view of the battlefield, so your competitors cannot sneak up on you. Also, the mask will be lightweight enough for swift movement on the battlefield.

      To enhance your visibility while the airsoft gas mask is on, some manufacturers include a panoramic visor for wide viewing.

      Filter system

      The main purpose of a gas mask is to filter the toxic air and provide quality breathing air. Airsoft is not played in hazardous environments although the battlefield’s design is fit for a tactical game or military use.

      As such, using a gas mask can be challenging since the filter systems are often clogged as you run and pant. This makes breathing difficult, therefore, reducing your stamina on the battlefield. Also, the gas mask may experience fogging that limits visibility. All these outcomes will significantly affect your performance.

      Choose an airsoft gas mask with a reliable filter system that will effectively filter particulate matter such as dust. The filter system should have large perforations to eliminate the air you breathe out and moisture that builds up as you sweat.
      If you’re playing in a hazardous environment, then the best airsoft gas mask should provide ample threat protection.


      You want to buy an airsoft gas mask that fits perfectly with your facial profile. If the mask is oversized, then you’ll not be getting the desired protection. Moreover, the objective of a gas mask is to filter out contaminated air, a purpose that a loose gas mask will not fulfill.

      Most gas masks are available in universal sizes to meet the needs of a variety of users. If you want the full hood gas mask, then you must get the right size for a flawless fit. The other types of gas masks come with adjustable straps that you fix depending on the shape and size of your face.


      Do you know how irritating it is to wear a gas mask your voice cannot be heard in? In airsoft, team members are expected to communicate effectively for successful gameplay. If you cannot be heard by your teammates on the battlefield, then you'll likely face a defeat.

      To avoid this frustration, look for gas masks with a built-in speech diaphragm. Such airsoft gas mask brands will make your voice audible even to the farthest person.

      Speaking of convenience, you want to get a gas mask that has a hypoallergenic oral-nasal cup. This is because your nostrils are sensitive and coming in contact with something you’re allergic to with the mask on could compromise your health.

      gas mask for airsoft

      Final Verdict on Airsoft Gas Masks

      Although playing airsoft is thrilling, putting on the right gear for the game takes the excitement further. A gas mask will come in handy if the battlefield is dusty or in a toxic environment. The best gas mask for airsoft should have an efficient filter system so that you can breathe with ease. Also, the filter will get rid of the toxic air and dust that could have otherwise compromised your safety and performance.

      The level of protection you desire will impact how complex the filter system you want should be. Keeping in mind you'll be in constant movement while playing airsoft you want a gas mask with a simple, well-perforated filter.

      The gas mask should also have a strong body build for durability amid the BBs shooting around. The inner material should be flexible to allow the gas mask to fit your facial profile and soft enough for comfort.

      A gas mask with adjustable straps is better than the full-hood type because you can achieve a perfect fit. This is keeping in mind most gas masks come in universal sizes. Don’t forget to check for a speech diaphragm and a visor or other feature for panoramic viewing.

      Tell us about your experience!

      What is your experience with gas masks at Airsoft - A must or just cool? 

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