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Valken Zulu PRO Pants V-Cam Dark Trousers-Belts Valken

Valken Zulu PRO Pants V-Cam Dark

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Brand: Valken

Choosing the right paintball pants for the sport will ensure that your performance is up to par, as well as protecting you from the elements. These protective gear can also be used in your personal life, so you can feel good about taking part in the game. Since paintball is becoming more popular and players are getting more active in the field, the materials that are used for protection are being improved every day. Most importantly, these fabrics are made with durable material that has been designed to last for many years.

The best paintball pants must have enough thickness to avoid the risk of the exposure of your knees to rocks, twigs, thorns, and other sharp objects that might bruise and cut your skin. You should consider the location for the actual paintball game since this will influence the type of fabric that you need. For indoor games, you want to wear a low profile mesh panel for added airflow so that you don't get exposed to wind or cold weather. This will make your job easier when playing during the cold season. But if you go out in the cold, you will most likely want to invest in some thicker and heavier pants to ensure your safety while on the field. Also, since paintball is a very competitive sport, you should also be prepared to take on the tough competition with your paintball pants.

You should always consider getting a pair of high-performance paintball pants that have reinforced seams, a good waist belt, and comfortable leg loops. These items should be easy to put on and take off. You can also get them in different colors and styles to match the clothes that you wear every day. You can also find some pants in mesh panels so that your legs can breathe easily. For extra protection, you can also consider investing in an integrated knee padding. This is an important safety feature that should be available on every paintball gear that is purchased to protect your knees and protect your body.

Color: V CAM Dark


  • Integrated knee padding with strategic stretch points
  • Low profile cargo pockets with integrated squeegee pocket
  • Mesh panels for increased airflow
  • Durable rip-resistant camo fabric
  • Adjustable waist belt

Publisher: Valken

UPC: 844959097281

EAN: 0844959097281