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Valken SLY Paintball Annex MI-7 Thermal Mask Olive Paintball Mask Valken

Valken SLY Paintball Annex MI-7 Thermal Mask Olive

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If you have been playing paintball for any length of time then you have probably come to realize that the majority of paintball games today are a lot harder than the older types of games. You need to wear the right protective gear to ensure that your eyes do not get damaged during the game. Also, you need a good and effective paintball mask to help keep your head safe during the game. A good cool paintball mask will also enhance your play because it allows you to wear some kind of added protection for your head. Keep in mind that paintball is a perfectly safe game, but it is important for you to follow the rules on the field in order to ensure that you won't be hurt.

You need to wear a high-quality helmet when playing this game. One of the most common accidents in paintball happens because the players do not wear proper protective gear. Some players believe that this is only meant to protect the players from getting seriously hurt. In reality, though, there are many benefits that you get from wearing a good paintball helmet. For one thing, it gives you excellent protection against flying paintballs, which is a real hazard when playing this sport.

Another benefit that you get by wearing a great paintball mask is the fact that it also protects your face from injury. There are several kinds of paintball masks that are available for purchase. Some of these masks are very expensive, so it makes sense that you should make sure that you get the best one for your money. The one thing to remember about this kind of mask is that it should offer you a wide field of vision so that you can see the entire field. It should also provide you with plenty of ventilation so that there is no moisture build-up around your face during the game. All of these things are important if you want to have a safe game.

General information

The extremely robust Sly Annex MI-7 is the new paintball mask from Valken.
With a total of 250 °, it offers a sufficient field of vision to provide an overview of the playing field


  • thermal glass
  • very easy to clean mask foam
  • Offers a field of view of 250 °
  • quick and easy glass change
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