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Valken SLY Paintball Annex MI-7 Thermal Mask Black Paintball Mask Valken

Valken SLY Paintball Annex MI-7 Thermal Mask Black

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A very easy to clean and maintain thermal paintball mask should really help you enjoy the game more. It can also enhance your play as it allows you to wear a little form of protection to your face when in the playing field. With an excellent thermal paintball mask, you no longer feel intimidated, particularly if you're still a beginner and this is your first time in the sport. The mask protects your eyes from damage and the paintballs from being spat at you. With a good mask and goggles, you won't be hit by any flying paintballs during games. You will have clear vision while playing, but at the same time, there is the potential for injury due to high levels of adrenaline during playing.

Paintballs are very large and can easily be shot towards you if you aren't careful. However, with an excellent mask, you won't be hit by the paintballs and even if they are flying high, you can easily Dodge them and then take cover behind some object. This makes the game much more exciting. And even though the game is not dangerous or aggressive, it still requires careful and fast movements. With this, any bad accident can be extremely painful. The mask should be easy to change so that you don't have to constantly wash and clean it after every game. And since the material used for making these masks is made of materials that easily mold, you can customize them to fit your face and other parts of your body.

But aside from the great things that this mask can do for you, there are also a few things you need to consider before buying one. The first thing you need to consider is the quality of the materials used. The mask should be strong and comfortable enough. Aside from that, the mask should also offer a wide field of vision and should have the ability to shield your eyes from damage. Finally, make sure that it's not too big as you don't want to feel cramped while playing the sport.

General information

The extremely robust Sly Annex MI-7 is the new paintball mask from Valken.
With a total of 250 °, it offers a sufficient field of vision to provide an overview of the playing field


  • thermal glass
  • very easy to clean mask foam
  • Offers a field of view of 250 °
  • quick and easy glass change
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