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Valken Gloves Impact Full Finger Tactical Gloves Valken

Valken Gloves Impact Full Finger

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Brand: Valken

The Paintball Full-Finger Gloves provides a comfortable and strong fit for the players and also protect their hand. They offer comfort as well as support to the players while being highly breathable to allow easy ventilation. These are made from the best leather that can provide protection and comfort to the players as well as allowing easy movement of the fingers in a way that the players feel safe. In addition, they also come with various protective materials that are designed to offer maximum protection for the player when they are in the field.

There are two different types of Full-Finger Gloves available for the players. The first type is used only on the Paintball Field. The second type is used during training as well as the actual game. Some of the most famous brands in this category are Hunter, Evolv, Matrix, Dye, and Black Ice. Most of these manufacturers have their own line of the Paintball Full-Finger Gloves.

The different designs and styles of the Full-Finger Gloves will vary according to the manufacturer. The designs may vary from basic designs to more sophisticated designs depending on the style of the brand. There are many brands in the market that provide the basic design as well as some specialized designs for the particular field. In addition, some of the brands also provide gloves with the different materials available in the market. One should be careful while choosing the right type of glove according to his or her need.

Publisher: Valken

Details: Gel knuckle protection. Full finger design. Extra Clarino for strength.

UPC: 844959037713

EAN: 0844959037713

Package Dimensions: 11.2 x 6.5 x 1.3 inches