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Valken Airsoft Charger Adapter Mini Tamiya Male-Large Female Batteries-Charger Valken

Valken Airsoft Charger Adapter Mini Tamiya Male-Large Female

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Brand: Valken

The Charger Adapter Mini can be used to charge many different types of electronic gadgets and devices. This type of adapter is designed with a special adapter body that plugs into the electrical socket on an airsoft battery. Most chargers are designed for various different sizes and power levels. It is important to ensure that you only use a charger that has the right level of power for the gadget you are trying to charge. A small charger might not have enough power to charge something that is too large and can damage the gadget.

The Charger Adapter Mini is also very useful when charging other batteries. Most chargers come in sizes and power ratings to allow for maximum compatibility with your airsoft battery. These chargers are available at most airsoft stores or online. The Charger Adapter Mini can also be used to charge cell phones, which are much more common than they once were. You can often buy a new accessory such as an adapter that can be used to charge almost any device.

There are also chargers available that allow the use of a USB cable to connect to a portable device such as a digital camera. The charger adapter allows you to charge a digital camera while you are using the charger for other electronic devices. This makes it very convenient for people who travel a lot. Another thing to note is that many chargers are capable of charging many different things. Some have the capability of charging laptop computers while still being able to charge other things such as an MP3 player. Many airsoft accessories are also capable of charging multiple types of gadgets and devices. Make sure to make sure that you are buying the correct charger for the gadget you are trying to charge.


  • Designed specifically for Airsoft gun batteries
  • Constructed from 5" long durable 18 AWG silicon wire
  • Valken quality

Details: Valken Energy. Valken brings you yet another product with market-leading quality and value. Valken, who else.

EAN: 0844959048511

Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.9 x 0.6 inches