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Umarex RWS .22 Gun Quick Cleaning Pellets 80pcs Gun Cleaning Accessories Umarex

Umarex RWS .22 Gun Quick Cleaning Pellets 80pcs

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Brand: Umarex

Color: White


  • .22 caliber felt cleaning pellets
  • Removes dirt, debris and lead build-up
  • Helps maintain performance; Ideal for any type of pellet gun
  • Pack of 80
  • NOTE: Cleaning pellets are too light to be shot through spring guns. To use a cleaning pellet in a spring gun, use a rod to push it through

Publisher: Umarex USA

Details: Manufactured from heavy felt. These pellets remove dirt and lead residue from the barrel. They do not take the place of a thorough cleaning with a rod but with regular use they will help maintain performance. Includes 80 Quick Cleaning Pellets.

EAN: 0723364938177

Package Dimensions: 2.0 x 1.7 x 0.8 inches