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Empire Paintball Premiere X-Ray Thermal Mask Red Paintball Mask Empire Paintball

Empire Paintball Premiere X-Ray Thermal Mask Red

Empire Paintball
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General information

Our super-light Empire E-Flex paintball mask offers you excellent protection with maximum comfort. Available in many different colors.
The Empire Paintball Mask is glazed, anti-fog coated, and includes glare protection. In this mask, the features of the best masks from Empire, E-Vent Mask, the JT and ProFlex mask were combined.

The E-Flex mask with the quick-change system of the mask glasses and thermal foam system, both are significant features of the E-vent mask. A comfortable and flexible chin area of the ProFlex mask. Super light and comfortable to wear. A good field of vision and breathability. The previous mouthguards of the JP ProFlex can be attached to this mask. The profile was also reduced. The E-Flex lenses can be changed in seconds, and the previous E-Vents lenses can still be used. The dual-window design of the glasses ensures an excellent field of vision with high clarity. The comfortable ProFlex foam offers a good fit on the head. Maximum comfort, super light, and superior optics as well as excellent face protection, all of which are provided by the Empire E-Flex paintball mask.


  • Quick change system for the mask glasses
  • a good field of vision
  • movable chin area