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DYE Paintball i4 Thermal Mask Skinned Lime Paintball Mask Dye

DYE Paintball i4 Thermal Mask Skinned Lime

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General information

The Dye i4 paintball mask is one of the absolute upper-class models on the market. Thanks to the built-in thermal glass, the view is uniquely clear in any weather, without distortion and annoying fogging of the lenses.
The mask is comparatively light and anatomically narrow. The mask can be quickly and easily using countless replacement glasses, that
can be adapted to all conceivable lighting conditions.


  • Anatomical fit
  • Thermoglas
  • Two-component frame
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Fast glass change
  • reusable breather
  • Full view
  • ASTM certification
  • chinstrap
Attention: The brown and green shades of the color Dyecam vary depending on the mask.
    SKU / EAN / MPN / ASIN / Amazon-Link
    • SKU: K-1910-01-16-22 | EAN: 725239145543 | MPN: 100_PM0029 | ASIN: B002S5SDW2
    • SKU: K-1910-01-18 | EAN: 725239157638 | MPN: 100_PM0075 | ASIN: B0048IFCRG
    • SKU: K-1910-01-2 | EAN: 725239138514 | MPN: 100_PM0024-blk | ASIN: B0020GCYSS
    • SKU: K-1910-01-2-22 | EAN: 725239151643 | MPN: 100_PM0028 | ASIN: B003JCUFRY