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Azodin EVO II Electronic Paintball Marker Metal-Tan Paintball Marker Azodin

Azodin EVO II Electronic Paintball Marker Metal-Tan

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Azodin unleashes the EVO II and its state of the art Zero 2 system. It harnesses the breakthroughs they've made with the blowback platform and compresses it into a space no larger than a standard poppet assembly. The new Zero 2 is the most compact Zero system they've ever created and improves upon the system's efficiency and maintenance. These improvements directly influence the EVO II making it quieter, lighter, smoother, and easier to service than its predecessor. The EVO II is equipped with the latest Zen+ board which contains 6 firing modes and a smarter, faster processor. They also tricked it out with their latest precision-honed two-piece barrel, clamping feedneck, rocksteady regulator, smooth roller bearing trigger, and low-profile on/off ASA. The EVO II is the best equipped Azodin marker to date and pioneers a new benchmark in performance.


Brand: Azodin

Color: Gunmetal-Tan